Call Recording Data Management Solution for Aircall Clients

Legacy and live call recording data solution that will collate historic voice recordings and store alongside current calls.

Solving Legacy and Live Call Recording challenges for Aircall clients

Let adepsi save you time

As an Aircall partner, adepsi are delighted to offer Aircall and their clients a solution that will end your legacy call recording data problems.

Easy to use and highly secure, Aircall and their clients integrated with adepsi, an easy-to-use and highly secure solution that can save thousands of hours of manual retrieval, remove the requirement to manage legacy equipment whist keeping them legally compliant.

Adepsi lets you migrate legacy and current call recording data into its secure infrastructure, leveraging the industry-leading Amazon Web Services cloud.

How it works

Call Recording Data Management Solution

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Not just legacy calls, but current voice recordings too

Service focus from adepsi

The system doesn’t only harvest existing stored legacy call recording data, but will also capture and store current recordings every day, collating the data to be viewed in one single dashboard

Adepsi is a cost-effective software-as-a-service solution that is future-proofed and fully-auditable.

Aircall and their clients can take the gold-mine of data held within legacy and current voice recordings to assist with compliance, drive change and improve their customer experience.

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Seemless data storage

Combined Call Data

Adepsi will give Aircall customers a single pane of glass through which to view and extract legacy and current call recording data

What does the adepsi application support?

Let adepsi simplify your transition to cloud

Integrating adepsi with your Aircall instance enables seamless long term access to your call recordings and associated metadata. In addition, a one time import of your legacy call recordings will allow access to historic and current recording from a single interface. Adepsi leverages AWS services to create a secure, scalable and resilient application infrastructure.

The adepsi application supports:

Adepsi is the solution to your current call recording needs while also removing the burden of legacy infrastructure.

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